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Present and future of groundwater modelling

Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to invite you to the joint event of DHI-WASY, DHI, University of Szeged and Jakab és társai which will take place in Szeged, on 17th October 2013.



PThe aim of the event is to provide an opportunity to the experts of numerical modeling to learn more on the latest developement of modeling tools and get updated information of modeling capability of some processes (e.g. coupling models for understanding surface and groundwater process interactions). Some presentations will show cases of use of numerical modeling in mine water management (e.g. coupling of water quality models with contaminants transport, implementation of mine site closure plans). The event targets to draw attention on advantages of the potentials of model interactions and to answer modelers‘ direct targeted questions from practice. The event is recomended for modelers from research and  practice fields as well.

The event language is English.


08.30 – 09.30 Arrival and registration
9.30: dr. Szanyi János (University of Szeged): Opening
9.35-10.00: dr. Kovács Balázs (Univ. of Miskolc) - dr. Szanyi János (Univ. of Szeged): Presence of groundwater modeling
10.00-10.30: Peter Schatzl (DHI-WASY): Presence and future perspectives of groundwater modeling. Developments reports from the last few years
10.30-11.00: Jakab András (Jakab és Társai Kft.): Connection of FEFLOW to other software (e.g. Visual MODFLOW, MIKE 11) – new perspectives in modeling
11.00- 11.30: Peter Schatzl (DHI-WASY): Coupled groundwater and surface water modeling. A complex solution for complicated problems.
11.30-12.00: Peter Schatzl (DHI-WASY): Postprocessing and presentation of simulation results, the powerful presentation and some of the teqnique.
12.00-12.30: Peter Schatzl (DHI-WASY): Answers to user questions 1.
13.30-14.00: Pavel Strof (DHI): Coupling of FEFLOW and Water Quality simulation models
14.00-14.15: Éva Kun, Katalin Székvölgyi, Katalin Gondárné Sőregi, Károly Gondár (Smaragd GSH): Inferences from 3D modelling of thermal karstic reservoir (SW Bükk Mountain)
14.15-14.45: Pavel Strof (DHI a.s.): Mine water management – Numerical simulation models and their integration into the DSS
14.45-15.10: Peter Schatzl (DHI-WASY): FEFLOW development plans for coming releases
15.10-15.20: dr. Nagy Zsuzsanna (DHI Hungary ): The Academy by DHI. The Academy, the international educational LLP
15.20-15.35: Peter Schatzl (DHI-WASY): Answers to user questions 2.
15.30-15.35: Closure and FEFLOW meetings

More information, including venue event and programme  is available on and in the attachment.

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