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Annamária, Tihamér

New horizons in Central European geomathematics, geostatistics and geoinformatics

This volume is a proceeding of intriguing presentations given within the framework of the 15th Hungarian and 3rd Hungarian Croatian Geomathematical Convent hosted by the city of Mórahalom (Hungary) in May 2011.

Geomathematical Convents in Hungary have a long-standing history of roughly 25 years. The year 2007 was a true highlight in this success story, when the Division of Geomathematics of the Croatian Geological Society agreed to organize joint meetings with its Hungarian counterpart for the first time.



These studies on the one hand may be used as case studies in university education as part of seminar discussions and brain-storming activities. On the other hand, the industrial case studies may set a local or regional example for future projects. Theoretical studies may shed light into the importance of evaluating uncertainty regarding the outcome. Finally, those of the field of geoinformatics may be useful part of environmental protection surveys and projects

This volume will not only help popularize the use of mathematical, statistical approaches among geoscientists of the region but will promote further fruitful collaboration as well.

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