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Angéla, Petronella

Petrographical characteristics of variscan granitoids of Battonya

Reference: Acta Mineralogica-Petrographica, Szeged 2001, Vol. 42, pp. 21-31

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Pál-Molnár Elemér
Batki Anikó

The Tisia Composite Terrane Alpine megatectonic unit forms the pre-Neogene crystalline basement of South, Southeast Hungary. As an independent unit the Tisia Composite Terrane existed from the Late Cretaceous, when its rotation began, till the Early Miocene. Concerning the territory of Hungary it involves three large Variscan Terranes (Slavonia-Dravia Terrane, Kunságia Terrane and Békésia Terrane), all of which are covered by an Alpine overstep sequence. The Békésia Terrane can be divided into four units: Kelebia Unit, Csongrád Unit, Battonya Unit and the Sarkadkeresztúr Unit. The crystalline mass of the Tisia Composite Terrane is characterised by granitoid ranges and anticline wings of middle and high grade metamorphites. This paper presents the results of a petrological analysis on granitoid rocks originating from boreholes that were deepened in the axis zone of the crystalline dome (Battonya High) of the Battonya Unit. The available granitoid rocks, on the basis of their composition can be considered of similar character. The main rock forming minerals of the studied samples are: quartz ± orthoclase + microcline + plagioclase feldspar (albite-oligoclase) ± biotite + muscovite. Accessory components are apatite, zircone, monacite and less frequently titanite. Considering the modal composition of the rocks, they are syenogranites, monzogranites and granodiorites. Based on their chemical composition, the rocks are syenogranites, monzogranites and granodiorites they are subalkaline, calcic with a peraluminous character. Tectonically they are orogenous, syn-collisional or continental collisional granitoids. Most of the characteristics featuring the Battonya Unit samples indicate that they are S-type granitoids.



acta2001, Battonya Unit, crystalline basement, geochemistryS-type syn-collisional CC granitoids, Tisia Composite



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