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Heavy metals in the built environment

Course information

Title of the course:

Heavy metals in the built environment

Responsible for teaching:

Dr. Magdolna Hetényi

Other teachers:

Dr. Péter Sipos

Type of the course:

Optional professional course



Brief description of the lecture:

The course is hold every second week, 2x2 lessons


1. The origins and the sources of heavy metals:

The occurrence and the forms of heavy metals in rocks, soils, waters and the atmosphere. The anthropogenic sources of heavy metals. The differentiation between the contamination level concentration and the background level concentration. Geochemical maps.

2. The movement, the solidification and the accumulation of heavy metals.

The weathering of minerals; solubility; competition; acidity; redox processes; ion exchange; adsorption; condensation; complex formation; geochemical obstacles and traps.

3. Heavy metals in the food chain:

The route of heavy metals in the system of rock-soil-water-plant-animal-human; the uptake of heavy metals by plants, essentiality and toxicity, effect directions, synergism-antagonism.

4. Pollution-indicator media and their analytical research possibilities:

Speciation; the chemical forms of heavy metals in natural aqueous solutions; determining the chemical forms of heavy metals, heavy metal analytics in soils.

5. Remediation of soils polluted by heavy metals:

Physical, chemical and biological remediation possibilities.

6. The characteristics of the most important heavy metal pollutants:

The behaviour of As, Pb, Hg, Cd (cr, Co, Ni, Zn, Cu) in the environment and their effects.



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