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Carbonates in the built environment

Course information

Title of the course:

Carbonates in the built environment

Responsible for teaching:

Dr. Magdolna Hetényi

Other teachers:

Dr. Bernadett Bajnóczi

Type of the course:

Optional professional course



Brief description of the lecture:


The geology of carbonates: from carbonate minerals to carbonate rocks.

  • Carbonate minerals and their structure
  • The types of carbonate rocks (sedimentary, magmatic-hydrothermal and metamorphic) and their formation
  • The importance of carbonates in the global carbon cycle.

The research methods of carbonates.

  • Mineral composition and texture: polarising microscopy, cathodoluminescence, X-ray Powder Diffraction
  • Geochemistry: isotope-geochemistry (C, O, Sr), element geochemistry: microprobe analysis, X-ray fluorescence analysis

The use of carbonates in the built environment.

  • The cultural history of carbonates – the use of carbonate rocks in the European culture from antiquity until the present day: chalk, limestone and marble: main mine sites during the history and their utilization in architecture and decorations
  • The (Hungarian) carbonate rocks used in domestic built environment: types (compact limestone, coarse limestone, travertine etc.), occurrence, geology, physical characteristics and their employment in the architecture from antiquity until the present day.


  • examining the origins of limestone and marble building and decorative materials by using mineralogical-petrological, geochemical, etc. methods.

The impairment of the built environment.

  • The impairment of monuments and archaeological objects made of limestone and marble – its degradation due to natural and artificial environmental effects.
  • the chemical, physical and anthropogenic factors of weathering
  • introducing the various appearance forms of weathering by using the examples of building and decorative materials from Hungary and over the borders as well.


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