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Environmental geochemistry

Course information

Title of the course:

Environmental geochemistry

Responsible for teaching:

Dr. Gábor Bozsó

Other teachers:

Dr. Magdolna Hetényi

Dr. Andrea Raucsikné Varga

Type of the course:

Specialization course




Introduction to environmental geology, Parallel execution of the practice exam is a prerequisite


Brief description of the lecture:

The atmosphere, as one of the geospheres of the Earth. The development and the alteration of the proto-atmosphere during the history of the Earth. The characteristics of the present atmosphere. The oxides of coal, sulphur and nitrogen in the atmosphere. Aerosols. The hydrosphere, as one of the geospheres. Some important physical and chemical characteristics of water from geochemical point of view. The most important processes (biological processes, the interaction between the magma and the ocean water, the effects of weathering debris transferred by the rivers) influencing the concentration of the main dissolved components of the ocean water. The quality and quantity of the dissolved and suspended materials of river waters, their alteration due to anthropogenic influences. Organic matters and nutritive materials in the water of the rivers, their environmental effects. Biological and physical processes influencing the chemical composition of river waters. Water circulation in lakes, the seasonal alteration of the density stratification in lakes and its role in natural eutrophisation. Cultural eutrophisation. Some questions regarding the environmental geochemistry of the lithosphere. Trace elements in soils and deposits, their alteration due to anthropogenic influences. Mining waste pit-heaps, as the possible sources of polluting ions.

Practical course:

Introducing the students the most up-to-date methods and environmental geochemical works proceeding in the EU by processing case studies issued in the publications of the still ongoing and already finished projects. Introducing the tasks related to the environmental pollution of Hungary and the methodological prescriptions to solve them, with particular attention to the determination of background concentrations.


Recommended reading:

  • C.A. J. Appelo and D. Postma: Geochemistry, groundwater and pollution. A. A. Balkema, Rotterdam, 1993.
  • U. Aswathanarayana: Geoenvironment. A.A. Balkema , Rotterdam, 1995.
  • W. Calmano and U. Förstner: Sediments and toxic substances. Springer, 1996
  • D. Heling, P. Rothe, U. Förstner and P. Stoffers: Sediments and environmental geochemistry. Springer, 1990.
  • Hetényi M. : Környezetgeokémia I.: A hidroszféra. Egyetemi jegyzet, JATEPress, Szeged 1999


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