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Hydrodynamics and transport modelling

Course information

Title of the course:

Hydrodynamics and transport modelling

Responsible for teaching:

Dr. János Szanyi

Other teachers:

Dr. Balázs Kovács

Type of the course:

Specialization course






Brief description of the lecture:

The tasks, aims and special features of hydrodinamic and transport modelling. The phases and steps of modelling. The principles of water movements in porous rocks. Theoretical basics of hydrodinamic modelling, the basic equation of seepage. Permanent and non-permanent seepage in saturated and unsaturated medium. Solution methods for the basic equation of seepage. Numerical and analytical solutions. The principles of contamination spreading in porous medium. The factors of the transport process and the form of the transport equation. Solution methods for the transport equation. Numerical and analytical solutions.

Particle approach in simulational proceedings. The data systems of modelling calculations. The data needed for hydrodynamic and transport modelling. The reliability of data, the aspects used in the valuation of the basic data system. The errors of the model data systems: causes and characteristic features. The control of the basic data system. The calibration of hydrodynamic and transport models. Hydrodynamic and transport modelling with Processing MODFLOW for Windows (PMWIN) software. Examples and case studies. Solving modeling tasks independently.


Recommended reading:

  • Kovács Balázs: Hidrodinamikai és transzportmodellezés I. (Processing Modflow környezetben), Szegedi Tudományegyetem – Miskolci Egyetem – GÁMA-GEO, Szeged-Miskolc, 2004.
  • Kovács Balázs - Szanyi János: Hidrodinamikai és transzportmodellezés II. (Processing Modflow és Surfer for Windows környezetben), Szegedi Tudományegyetem – Miskolci Egyetem – GÁMA-GEO, Szeged-Miskolc, 2005.
  • Chiang, W-Hs. – Kinzelbach, W.: 3D Groundwater Modeling with PMWIN, A Simulation System for Modeling Groundwater Flow and Pollution, Springer-Verlag Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, ISBN 3-540-67744-5, SPIN 10774334, 2001
  • Zheng, C.: MT3D, A Modular Three-Dimensional Transport Model for Simulation of Advection, Dispersion, and Chemical Reactions of Contaminants in Groundwater Systems, IGWMC, Delft, 1992


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