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Research groups

  1. Organic and Environmental Geochemistry Research Group: in the research group the theoretical and methodological research aimed at the formation of fossil energy resources is continuous for 30 years: the formation, biogeochemical transformation and the types of geological organic matters, the mechanisms and kinetics of crude oil and natural gas accumulation processes and the laboratory modelling of its partial processes, the analysis of environmental characteristics determining the quantity and quality of the forming fluids, the geochemical reconstruction of the environment where the organic material was accumulated (German, French, American and Nigerian cooperations).
  2. Fractured Fluid Reservoir Research Group: the local and foreign magmatic, metamorphic, carbonate and well-consolidated clastic sedimentary basement hydrocarbon and thermal water reservoirs are examined during the complex analysis of the fractured reservoirs. Since 2002 the research group has joined the radioactive garbage dump research program and the examination of high-enthalpy geothermal reservoirs. Related to the reconstructed rock structure and the known deformation history, and on the basis of measurable geometric parameters of the fractures, the fracture and pore system of the rock mass was modelled by an own-developed DFN fracture simulator (REP-SIM technology and software).
  3. Hydrogeological and Geothermial Research Group: Besides the hydrogeological and hydrodynamic analysis of sedimentary basins, the activity of the research group has comprised also the basement formations in the last years. In cooperation with the directorates for water management, they study the distribution of the hydrodynamic parameters in the basin to designate water bodies in compliance with the European Union Water Framework Directive. By means of hydrodynamic and transport modelling, they examine the contamination sensitivity of an area and the migration of the contaminants in real case studies. Their numeric modelling experiences facilitate the creation of heat transport models. They play a leading part in the geothermic research of the Great Hungarian Plain and elaborate problem-solving proposals for the treatment of used thermal water.
  4. 'Vulcano' Petrology and Geochemistry Research Group:



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